CEO Message

We will always be between people with new joy.

We think that what we want to do best and what we can do best is to connect people and people, so we're going to start our first step in connecting people with new looks, new minds, and new passion with the idea of Link Tomorrow.
We will be a good company that connects people, people, people, nature, people and society more closely.

Mackiss Company CEO Cho Wung Rae

CEO Character

We will share various stories of human, nature, health, and culture so on.

Mackiss Company created the character of the CEO Cho Wung Rae giving joys to many people through various CSV activities such as Red clay road of Mt.Gyejok, Fun Fun Classic concert of Mackiss Opera, inverse concept speech, etc
This character is a connecting and communicating mediator between companies and customers in the way of the Red clay road of Mt.Gyejok and various CSV activities. With this lovely character, we will continuously communicate Mackiss Company’s various stories of man and nature, health, culture, etc.

CEO Character

The story of the chairman of a soju company who has always changed his mind and created new things through it to entertain the public.


What if I gave you music as a gift?

When this idea, which seemed to be nothing much, became a content industry. At the end of 2004, a venture company called '5425', which was the number one company in the same industry, did something out of the blue. I bought a soju company in Chungcheong-do that I had no connection with. "As 5425 connected people with music, isn't it the same context as people get closer with a drink?" was the answer from CEO Cho Wung Rae.

The sustainability of soju companies is people's health?

One day, CEO Cho took his elementary school girlfriend to Mt.Gyejok. Coincidentally, his friend was wearing high heels. He took off his sneakers and walked barefoot on the gravel road for five hours. That night he has an amazing experience of getting a good night's sleep and getting a clear head. In order to share this experience, we built 14.5km of Red clay road on Mt.Gyejok in 2006. Mackiss Company started a campaign by registering a trademark called Eco-Healing.

How can I get people together?

Now, it is time to teach people the joy of walking and running barefoot on the Red clay road. The Masai Marathon was first held in 2007 with the image of the Masai people walking barefoot more than 30,000 steps a day. The result was a great success. Now it is held for two days every second weekend of May under the name of Daejeon Barefoot Festival. This festival is also the best festival in Daejeon.

Shall we put the piano up in the woods?

CEO Cho, who claims to be the head of the Red clay road team, buys 2,000 tons of red clay every year and manages it in optimal condition. The annual cost alone is 1 billion won. Since 2007, we have held a weekly Saturday and Sunday concert in the forest from April to October in order to give more pleasure to visitors. The "Fun Fun Classic" of the Mackiss Opera, consisting of a total of eight vocalists and pianists, has become a representative cultural brand of the region. Mt.Gyejok is the only 100 tourist attractions in Daejeon since 2015.

A special way to celebrate New Year's morning?

Since 2001, CEO Cho has completed the 79th marathon full course and has practiced his life philosophy of "body is the answer." He planned a special event in 2016 to share the idea of a healthy mind in a healthy body. It's a unique New Year's event where you take off your shirt and run around the Gapcheon Stream with body painting on. Every year, more than 3,000 people from all over the country participate in the Daejeon Sports Festival, which runs 7km along Gapcheon Stream, starting from Expo Citizens' Square at 11:11:11 on January 1 every year.

What if consumers and producers donate together?

CEO Cho also wanted to change the way donations are made based on the results of his corporate activities. A new campaign has begun. “IJEWOOLINN Regional Love Scholarship Campaign" is a method of donating scholarships to each city and county in Daejeon, Sejong, and Chungnam by accumulating 5 won per bottle of " IJEWOOLINN" soju every time it is sold. In 2019, the scholarship that I saved and donated is about 38 million won. Mackiss Company is conducting this campaign for 10 years.

CEO Action
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