Privacy policy

A. Collection Items of personal information

The Mackiss Company is registering the following personal information for membership registration, counseling and services, etc.

Name, social security number, id, password, and personal questions and answers, e-mail address, address, contact, phone number, occupation are able to be collected in the process of service use or project treatment, and below information also can be collected.
User's browser type and OS, searching keyword, IP address, visit time and date, bad use records, service use records, access logs, cookies, access IP information, billing records, use prohibition record

B. The purpose of the collection and use of personal information

The Mackiss Company utilizes collected personal information for the purposes of below.

Contract implementation of service supply and price adjustment in accordance with service supply

ontent supply, delivery of goods or invoice sending, ID certification of financial service, purchase and payment fees, request of various fees

Membership management

Personal ID confirmation according to the limited personal identification law and the use of membership services, personal identification, prevention of bad members’ bad using and unauthorized service using, checking the will of subscription of membership, restriction of the number of subscription, legal representative’s agreement check when collecting children’s information under the age of 14, personal identification of the legal representative later, record-keeping for dispute resolution , complaint handling, notices delivery

Utilization for marketing and advertising

New services (product) development and service delivery, providing services and advertising according to the statistical characteristics, service efficiency validation, access frequency identification, the statistics of member’s service use, events or advertising communication notices

C. The period of hold and use of personal information

In principle, after the purpose of collecting and using personal information is achieved, the information is destroyed without delay. However, the following information is preserved for the specified period by the reasons below.

<Reason of information retention by internal policy>

Member ID

- preservation reasons : to prevent confusion of service use
- Shelf life : 1 year

<Reason for information retention by relevant laws and regulations>

In case the personal information is need to be preserved by Business Law, Consumer Protection Act in Electronic Commerce and other related laws and regulations, The Mackiss Company is holding members’ personal information for the time being specified in the relevant laws and regulations. The Mackiss Company holds information only for the purpose of storage and the retention periods are specified below:

Cancellation records of contracts or subscription

- Retention reason : Consumer Protection Act in Electronic Commerce
- Shelf life : 5 years

Records of payment or supply of goods

- Retention reason : Consumer Protection Act in Electronic Commerce
- Shelf life : 5 years

Records of consumer complaints or disputes

- Retention reason : Consumer Protection Act in Electronic Commerce
- Shelf life : 3 years

Records of personal identification

- Retention reason : the Act for the Promotion of Information and Communication Network Use and for the Protection of Information
- Shelf life : 6 months